Aim your Actions towards Positive Outcomes

Aim your Actions towards Positive Outcomes

Aim your Actions towards Positive Outcomes

Aim your actions towards positve outcome

The secret funda of people leading successful life is that they put their efforts to achieve a positive result. They always aim for a gain and don’t even get themselves bothered about negative results. For an example, star salesmen always stretch to overachieve their target because they eye to maximise incentives and generally, they achieve their target easily. Why? Because they get motivated with the expected positive results of their efforts and they keep their enthusiasm high for the same. However, if we see those salesmen who just want to achieve their targets to save their jobs, they most of the times don’t reach to their sales target. Why? Because they carry mental pressure of negative result and that brings their motivation level down.

Same happens with us in other fields too. Yesterday only when I was conducting a workshop, we were discussing on health issue. I asked a question to my participants, that what is their purpose behind doing the exercise. Their reply was we do exercise to avoid illness.  

It clicked in my mind that we generally do tasks to avoid negative results. Be it at our work, we chase our targets just to save our jobs. We study so that we don’t get failed. We just abide the law to avoid fine and penalty. We try to maintain relationship to avoid loneliness. This approach to avoid negative results generally makes us less energetic and we become more fearful and anxious.

Now let’s start focusing on positive results. If we start working hard at our work place to get promotion and increment or If we start exercising to become more fit and healthy, if we decide to abide law as it will create good and positive life for everyone around. If we start maintaining relationship as we love to meet people and we love to have people around you, we will see that we will be more energetic and positive. We will also be able to achieve our desired aim.

This approach of going for positive outcome results in:

  • Elimination of Fear: Once you start aiming for positive results, your fear and anxiety goes away. You take the step with confidence. As you don’t focus on negative outcomes you don’t get nervous and tend to make lesser mistakes. Once you start working with happy outcome in your mind, you are able to give your best efforts to achieve the decided outcome.
  • Overcoming Mental Block: Mental blocks sucks up our motivation and create hurdles as it makes us feel that we are not good enough. As you start aiming for positive results, expected positive results of your actions keeps you motivated, it helps to overcome mental blocks of shortcoming which were earlier keeping you away from taking necessary positive actions.
  • More Energy: Once you come out of Mental blocks which were sucking your energy, you become more energetic and enthusiastic. You take necessary actions and automatically you become more efficient in tackling different obstacles and issues. As you aim for positive results you try to find alternative solutions problems you face while finishing a task. This positive energy helps you to reach to your goals.
  • Successful Achievement: Your positive energy helps you find more opportunities to reach your aim. You not only achieve it but sometimes overachieve your goals. After sometime it becomes your habit to achieve success as you don’t even look towards negative outcomes. In case of negative outcome, they don’t get stuck there. They learn and move on.

Written By: Naveen Yadav

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